Let the rhythm free your mind.


Techno is a cornerstone of German culture, captivating young people since the late ’80s with its repetitive dance rhythms and bass-driven minimalist foundations. Electronic dance music, with its countless subgenres, continually reinvents itself, representing life, tolerance, and youth. This spirit is embodied by us at Focus T67.


Our Story

The idea for Focus T67 emerged spontaneously at a lakeside party with a generator. We started DJing together, and our raw energy quickly resonated with the crowd. Beginning in 2018, we experimented with mixing and soon realized our potential, officially forming Focus T67. Our name has since become known at popular techno events around Mannheim, and we have expanded our focus to include music production. In 2024, we decided to establish our own label.

The Vision

“Techno stands for tolerance,” a principle we live by, with our pure and honest approach shining through in our music.

At Focus T67, each member brings unique styles and experiences, forming a diverse spectrum that spans tech-house to psy, trance, hard & bouncy, ghetto and neorave. Our message is clear: everyone is welcome in our community as long as there’s a passion for unique tracks and intense bass.



E-mail: events@focus-t67.de


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